Joyce Family Heritage Marble

Vintage Connemara Marble silver fork with a harp 1902


This perfect little fork is 113mm long and has a harp at its terminal. It is made from sterling silver and is hallmarked J.C.&S for Joseph Cook & Sons in Birmingham. Joseph Cooks factory in Birmingham was named “Hibernian Works”. Hibernia is the classical latin name for Ireland. This is quite a rare piece as it is unusual to get a fork. The silver date letter is worn but I am pretty sure that this dates to around 1902. 

The stem has a really beautiful twist and the fork itself is a classic flat trident style. The Harp is the national emblem of Ireland, in fact Ireland is unique in having a musical instrument used as a symbol to represent a country. The harp obviously represents music, it also represents the ancient bards of Ireland. The bards were storytellers, poets and lawmakers in ancient Ireland so this would make a fantastic gift for anyone interested in music or the arts.

The marble in this little fork is a soft green all matching well without flaw.

We can guarantee that these are made from genuine Connemara Marble

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