Joyce Family Heritage Marble

Vintage Connemara marble silver harp spoon 1900


This spoon measure 120mm long

This is a classic silver spoon now over 120 years old.The makers hallmark is WHL for William Henry Leather of Birmingham and date marked ‘a’ for1900. Spoons have always been highly collectable and a really wonderful gift. We often recommend a spoon as a gift as it is very useful and something that can be used everyday. This one has a harp terminal and is hand engraved giving it a bright look. The engraving is still sharp and compliments the marble perfectly. The Harp is the national emblem of Ireland, in fact Ireland is unique in having a musical instrument used as a symbol to represent a country. The harp obviously represents music, it also represents the ancient bards of Ireland. The bards were storytellers, poets and lawmakers in ancient Ireland so this would make a fantastic gift for anyone interested in music or the arts.

The marble in this is a vibrant emerald green with light green highlights, all without flaw and correctly matching. We can guarantee that this spoon is made from genuine Connemara Marble

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