Joyce Family Heritage Marble

Extra Large Double Sided Connemara Marble Necklace


Connemara Marble & Blue John

This piece measures 66mm x 21mm x 11mm

It comes with a heavy 22cm sterling silver belcher chain.

This XL double sided sterling silver necklace is set with Connemara Green Marble from my families quarry and Blue John from Derbyshire in England. 

Every piece of marble is as unique as a fingerprint. This is why we insure that the necklace you see in this image is the one you will receive. Each piece of marble is hand selected, in fact I always pick a misty day to select the marble for our jewellery. This is because the best stones shine brightest in the wet before they are polished. The marble we choose has taken mother nature almost 500 million years to perfect, so we make sure to take our time to select only the best for you. 

Each stone is unique, just like the landscape it has come from

All our jewellery is delivered in a specially made tin to keep it safe. It comes wrapped in 100% Irish tweed woven by Kerry Woolen Mills. 

Connemara Marble is referred to as Irelands gemstone and wearing it insures you will literally carry a piece of Ireland with you

Blue John has been mined in Derbyshire since the 1760’s. The name derives from the French bleu-jaune, meaning 'blue-yellow'. This increasingly rare mineral is mined responsibly on a very small scale at the Blue John cavern near Castleton. After the stone has been collected it must be air dried for at least a year. it is then placed in a bowl of hot resin (previously, pine resin was used), and then further heated in a vacuum oven. This drives out air from minute pores in the stone, and replaces it with the resin, which binds the otherwise friable crystal structure, allowing it to be cut and polished. 

Family Heritage Marble

The Joyce family have been quarrying Connemara Green marble for four generations. Connemara marble is Irelands rarest stone and the skills needed to quarry it can only be gained through experience and time. We are sure that the standards and values that have been developed over the past 100 years will continue into the future. We will continue to strive for excellence endeavouring to provide the best colours available for our customers.

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