Joyce Family Heritage Marble

Vintage Connemara marble pot with lid 1902


Size 53mm high without lid, 75mm with lid, 43 mm wide

On our webpage we tend to specialise in Jewellery made from Connemara marble, however occasionally we will put up some larger items of special interest. This piece is a particularly beautiful turned marble pot with a sterling silver cap and turned marble lid. The colour is a rich marbled green with deep translucent patches, perfectly sized and really quite exquisite. The silver cap is hallmarked C.T.B for C.T. Burrows & Sons (Charles Turman Burrows), it is marked for Birmingham and dated to 1902. 

These pieces often have chips, this one is perfect and without flaw.

This little pot was probably originally used as desk furniture and may well have contained fine sand to blot ink from a fountain pen. 

We can guarantee that this is made from genuine Connemara Marble

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