Joyce Family Heritage Marble

Vintage Connemara marble rose gold shamrock brooch 1940's


Exquisite 9ct rose gold shamrock brooch. It is still quite difficult to find vintage Connemara marble set in gold, so when you find one it is always a treasure.The gold in this piece is a rich rose gold colour. This piece is really special and can be worn in a few different ways. It can be worn traditionally as a lapel or a scarf brooch, though often this style is worn as a necklace. 

The colour of the marble is  a rich olive green with fine marbling. 

The pin bar is just over 3.5cm long and the shamrock measures around 1cm by 1cm, the back is marked 9ct. We can’t be sure who made this brooch but our best guess is Henry Griffith & Sons and we would date it to the 1940’s. Guaranteed Connemara marble

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