Joyce Family Heritage Marble

Vintage Connemara marble silver bracelet 1966


19cm long with seven marble sections  8mm wide x 17mm

This is a style that we would have sold as “new” in our shop in the sixties. It’s a testament that these styles never go out of fashion. I have no doubt that 60 years from now it will still look fantastic. This piece is sterling silver and marked CMP. In the 1960’s ‘Kilkenny Design Workshop’ was established by Coras Trachtala/The Irish Export Board. It’s aims were to develop a design service for Irish industry. This also included a new look at some of the traditional crafts of Ireland. Designers came from all around Europe to help establish a new design language for Ireland. Rudolf Heltzel, Rolf Middelboe as well as Oisin Kelly were instrumental in this wave of new new young designers. Sonja Landweer from the Netherlands also worked with Kilkenny Design and in fact helped to design one of our store sin the 1960’s. This bracelet design comes from that time and was made in accordance with many of the design principles from this period. The Marble is a beautiful olive green with delicate dark marbling that is perfectly all matched. The design at the back of the bracelet takes reference from the metal worker and is honest in its approach. This is a great example of a return to well made handcrafted work made in limited quantities.

The marble in this piece is without flaw and we can guarantee that it is made from genuine Connemara Marble

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