Our original Joyce shop in Recess was established around 1895 by my great great grandfather old Festus Joyce. In the 1901 census the property was described as a private dwelling and shop.

Joyces Shop Recess

The family tree 

Old Festus Joyce  B-1847 D-1910

Festus Joyce B-1876 D-1937

M.P. Joyce B-1914 D1994

Kevin Joyce B-1944

Mark Joyce B-1973

Sadie Davis Joyce B- 2007 & Alice Davis Joyce B-2009

1916 Festus Joyce Invoice

In the 1930’s we opened a second shop 2 miles and this is where we can still be found. We are always happy to welcome customers to our shop in Recess.Joyces Craft Shop 1960's

From the very beginning we placed an emphasis on quality creating beautiful pieces that have now become family heirlooms.

In our shop we have an extensive range of different hand made crafts from master artisans based all around Ireland. Including knitwear, Irish blankets glassware and of course our classic Connemara Marble Jewelry

Joyce’s craft shop regularly welcomes back customers who have been visiting us for 50+ years