The Joyce family have been associated with Connemara Marble for over four generations. In the early 1900's my great grandfather Festus Joyce bought our first marble quarry in the small village of Recess. It was quickly developed and our unique stone was sold to customers all around the world.

We honour our past and embrace the future with confidence and knowledge that can only be gained through time and experience.

Working in tandem with our Marble quarry and factory is our flagship store 'Joyces Craft Shop' also in village of Recess. In our shop we have always nurtured the unique crafts and traditions of Ireland and are proud to showcase some of the finest craftworkers working in Ireland today. In the 1960's we began to develop new products in the marble including our classic stud earrings which will never go out of fashion. 

Today, Mark Joyce, the fourth generation of Joyce’s proudly holds the reins of the craftshop in Recess.

Our location in the heart of Connemara offers us ever changing inspiration for our designs.