Is Connemara marble lucky ?

The easy answer to this question is yes, Connemara Marble is lucky. Of course like many things in life there is a bit more to it than an easy yes.

The most immediately noticeable aspect of our marble is its beautiful colour green. This green ranges from a deep dark green, an apple green a rich olive colour or a calming light green. Green is a colour that has been used to symbolise nature and in our often urbanised lives this connection to the natural is ever important. It is interesting to note that scientists haver found that transparent layer of sheet green can improve reading speed and understanding. 

Green is also seen as a symbol of fertility, this most likely comes from the season of spring when green shoots of new growth appear. In the 15th century green was the colour of choice for wedding dresses, the bride in Jan van Eyck’s painting The Arnolfini Wedding (1434) wears a green dress.

 In the entertainment industry a guest waiting room is often coloured and named “the green room”. In fact psychologists now have a greater understanding of how a green environment can help both physically and mentally.

“Children who live in greener environments have greater capacity for paying attention”, says Kuo, “and they're better able to delay gratification and inhibit impulses.” Frances E. Kuo, PhD,


Green is a Chakra colour

Chakras are an ancient energy system that originated in India, the name chakra means “wheel’ and correspond to different areas of the body. There are thought to be many chakras in the body, but the main seven run along the spine. The heart Chakra is associated with the colour green, so it is very suitable to wear a green Connemara marble necklace close to your heart. This will help to keep your heart chakra open and allow you to feel open and balanced.


Ireland is a green country / The luck of the Irish

Ireland has long been known as a green country. This most likely come from our fields of rich green grass. It is human nature to find this rural idyll attractive because this is the source of our food. 

Connemara Marble, Irelands National Gemstone

Our green Connemara Marble is known as Irelands gemstone. This of course makes sense as our natural green stone shows nature at its most beautiful. We add nothing, letting the stone sing its own tune.

Luck stone

Humans have long held stones sacred. Newgrange is an ancient Irish monument dating back over 5000 years (older than the pyramids of Egypt). Archeologist have found miniature carved stone beads and stone objects in Newgrange which were held in high esteem and most probably were worn only by the the highest rank. It is interesting to think they we are not so different wearing and treasuring pieces of highly decorative stone. A paper written on the stones Newgrange explains :


“The fact that the users of Irish passage tombs were wearing miniature versions of exotic, socially valorised artefacts is consistent with what we know about the nature and dynamics of Middle Neolithic society in Ireland".