Vintage Connemara Marble packaging

There is a saying that you can’t look forward without understanding your past

Connemara Marble Vintage Packaging

It’s always fun looking back at old packaging and ephemera, and when you are part of a business as old as ours you tend to gather a few bits. We now treasure these vintage items as examples of where we have come from. Certainly they always held value, but at the time the first consideration was to get our jewelry to our customers. My guess is that in the 1950’s my grandparents weren’t thinking how a cufflinks box would be scrutinised 70 years later.Connemara Marble Vintage Packaging 1950'sConnemara Marble Vintage PackagingConnemara Marble Vintage Packaging 1950's

In the 1960's our shop officially became the 'Connemara Green Marble Shop'Connemara Green Marble Shop business registration

And in the 1970’s I think my Dad was more concerned with making sure all our stockists had the latest catalogue than keeping some aside for me 45 years later.Connemara Marble Recess Catalogue 1960'sConnemara Marble Recess Catalogue 1960'sConnemara Marble Recess Catalogue 1960'sConnemara Marble Recess Catalogue 1960's

It is wonderful to have these items and they certainly inform how we think about our future

Connemara Marble Recess Catalogue 1970'sConnemara Marble Recess Catalogue 1970's

It’s fun to see necklaces or brooches that my Dad made, now being offered as vintage pieces. From the 1950’s we produced everything from clocks, paper knives, bowls and ashtrays and even Connemara marble eggs.

These items come up occasionally at auction and always achieve good prices. 

I am sure that jewelry we are selling now, will be vintage pieces in the future.