The Connemara Giant

The Connemara Giant was built in 1999 by Joyces Craft shop for no apparent reason. He is Irelands only late 20th century antiquity. Local tradition says that if you touch the hand of the giant you will be imbued with the knowledge of his ancient tribe. 

The historical genesis of the name ‘Connemara’ is ‘Conmaicne Mara’.

The Conmaicne Mara (the Conmaicne of the sea) were a people of early Ireland.

They take their name from a mythical ancestor known as Conmac. Conmac was in turn said to be descended from Fergus mac Roich and Queen Maeve of Connacht. The word Conmacne means "progeny of Conmac" (ne, a progeny). Conmac itself means "hound-son" (con, hound; mac, son).

The Connemara Giant was built by Mark Joyce for no apparent reason.